Who has the “Blinkers” on?

Well l had to give up standing up for Clive Palmer via twitter.

But it is only “Temporary”

The character restrictions imposed for each tweet makes it near on impossible to properly combat those who simply throw adjectives at you in an attempted attack on Clive Palmer.

Today it has all been about the National Press Gallery address by Clive Palmer…….. And yes some people are making Mountains out of mole hills.

I was lucky enough to watch the wonderful address given by Clive Palmer today. The speech went for about 40 minutes and covered a large range of different aspects of the Palmer United Party achievements and triumphs thus far in Canberra.

The abolishing of the Carbon Tax

Abolishing of the Mineral Resource Rent Tax whilst maintaining the school kids bonus and other measures that PUP felt were important to maintain.

Rejecting the $7 co payment to see a G.P.

Rejecting the the cuts to education & university fee deregulation

Rejecting Abbotts plan to raise the retirement age to 70

Plus there were several other achievements spoken about by today.

Clive Palmer spoke about introducing a “Chapter 11″ type arrangement here in Australia…. Similar to that done in The United States. He spoke of the likely benefits to our economy and the nation by simply giving companies the option of taking the Chapter 11 type arrangement. As opposed to being shut down/dissolved/bankrupted¬† by government.

Clive spoke of the need for Government to stop requiring companies to pay tax in advance and instead pay the tax when the company knows what their profit or loss was for the financial year. He explained the economic benefits of allowing companies to use that money during the course of the financial year instead of giving it to government in advance.

Clive Spoke about the need for an Emission Trading Scheme and numerous other subjects during his speech today.

At the end of the speech Clive Palmer was happy to take questions. There was a question about Jacqui Lambie, a question about the Victorian election result and one or two other reasonable questions. But to my knowledge/memory none of the journalists asked Clive much if anything about the achievements of Palmer United Party, no questions about his ideas to keep our economy strong and ticking along……. and no one bothered to ask about, nor congratulate Mr Palmer for giving his entire Politician salary away to charity.

There were of course questions about the Queensland Court case to which Clive Palmer did a fair and very reasonable job of responding to the first two questions on that subject…….. But as the Murdoch Journos had not been able to secure their next headline they tried to ask a third question on that same subject, to which Mr Palmer initially advised that he has answered similar questions, the matter is before the courts and he will not be in contempt by making any further comments…. But the Journalist (like a spoiled kid who was getting no lollies) began to whine and completely ignored Mr Palmer’s response.

Mr Palmer was not going to answer any more of “Those” type of questions, but the Journalist could not accept that and attempted to bully Clive Palmer into answering the question by repeating himself and whinging for Mr Palmer to answer his question.

Yes Clive Palmer did fire back with a few observations and suggestions for the Journalist to consider, but from what l saw today it was well warranted!

So what happened after the Press Gallery Address today???

Well as one has come to expect from much of the media/press these days. The headlines and the story was “ALL” about Clive Palmer giving the journalist a response that the journalist could not handle.

Some journalists really need to “TOUGHEN UP” I mean if you want to make a living from reporting half of a story, twisting the facts and attacking Clive Palmer, then you ought to be capable of copping what you dish up.

I have had a few people tweet me with all kinds of nonsense and links to stories written as a result of today’s Press Gallery Address. I must admit l “WASTED” my time and read a few of these articles and what l found interesting is that most of them made an entire story from that one question which Clive refused to answer………… These same articles did not have a word to say about any of the Palmer United Party achievements, nor a word regarding the ideas, plans and visions Mr Palmer spoke about this afternoon.

Well can l just say, all of you who attack Clive Palmer and/or the Palmer United Party based upon what you read online or in newspapers you most certainly do have the “Blinkers On” because you are falling for the headlines and missing many of the relevant facts.

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