About Aussie Pete

Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at “Fix Up Australia” and more specifically this “About” page.

For those of you who don’t yet know, my name is “Pete” l do like referring to myself as “Aussie Pete”………. that is probably because l think of myself as a typical everyday Aussie Battler, yes l am a Battler!

At the time of writing this page l am 39 years old….. and in less than 8 weeks l will hit 40 (they say life begins at 40) so perhaps things will be much better in 8 weeks time.

Ok so a little bit about myself, l have a misses and 2 daughters and we live in Country Victoria…….. well its almost suburbia, but technically its country Vic. (We live in the Yarra Ranges)

My misses and l are in the process of setting up and art gallery, plant nursery and we have a few others things going on as well.

I decided to put this blog together because l have soooo much to say about things that effect me and most likely you, which really need to be sorted out.

We have government who are supposed to govern and who are supposedly elected by “us” to make our country a safer, fairer and better place for “all of us” but to often it seems that we are forgotten, walked over, ignored, used and abused by Government, Bureaucracy’s and Big Business.

So i have put this blog together and l plan to post quite regularly about many different things which l think are wrong and really need fixing. I welcome everyone to post their comments and l also invite people to contact me if there is something you would like to talk about, because this site is aimed at creating a following of like minded people who have simply had enough and would like to try and force change.

The power of the people is as strong as ever…….. the difficult part is getting the people to understand that together we can make a difference and hopefully create a much safer, fairer and better Australia for ourselves and our children.

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