Local MP’s Where Are You?

So how many of you got pamphlets and other junk mail from candidates for parliament prior to the 2013 federal election ?

Maybe a few of you actually had someone knock on your door ?

Surely most of you would have seen large signs with a huge photo of the guy or girl they wanted you to vote for ?

I was just thinking about it all and then asked myself, “why don’t members of parliament ever ring, visit or write to me “after the election” ?

Why dosn’t my local member make contact with me (and others in the community) to ask how they are doing ? or if there is any issues they would like addressed ?

Yes l understand we can call, email or write to our local member……. but then we have to wait…… and wait… and wait…. and if we are lucky we might hit the jackpot and actually get a face to face meeting with out local MP.

The point l am making is that when these MP’s and “Wanna Be MP’s” need our vote, they pretend to care and they go out of the way to ensure we “know who they are” but once the election is over they seem to almost go into hibernation.

A good local member / M.P. should make more of an effort to speak with the local community they are supposed to represent. I understand it is near on impossible for MP’s to have one to one discussions with the people within an electorate, but surely they could do a whole lot better than they currently do.

Perhaps regular community forums, meetings etc would be a good start. Maybe a newsletter could go out advising people of what a local MP is doing and what they intend to do, as well as information on how best to contact your local MP and make it much easier for people to get issues addressed and of course speed up the response time.

It is unlikely to ever happen, but l posted this simply to remind people of the way we are being treated by these MP’s (they love us when they need our vote and they forget us once they are in)

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