Liars Running Government

Well it is budget night tonight and we all get to find out how many lies Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and the rest of the LNP crew told us pre election.

With all the media leaks it certainly seems that us Australians have been lied to and completely mislead and if the leaks are correct, we will all be enduring 2 years of cuts and 2 x years of pain.

Yes l did say “2 x years” because generally what happens is the government of the day treat us like friends and family “pre election” and they once again treat us like family and friends during the final year of their term…….. but the in-between period is around about 2 x years and that’s where we are right now….. at the beginning of the 2 years of pain.

When Juliar Gillard promised “There will be no carbon tax” pre election and then turned around and hit us with the worlds biggest carbon tax soon after forming minority government we were all dirty and angry with her for that “lie” and Tony Abbott went to town on the Labor Party day in day out because of that lie……. yet it seems that while the tables have turned and the LNP are now in government they also think it is ok to do as Juliar Gillard did and begin to break promises.

Why is it that anywhere else you would run the risk of being fired or having your contract “breached” if you attempted to mislead, lie, re-neg, fail to deliver to your employer, yet the previous Labor government and this current LNP government seem to be able to breach our trust and remain in their jobs for the full term of their contract.

I guess we could rally on the streets and burn down government buildings and force the government out….. but we would not actually want to go about it that way as we are far more civilised than that.  But just because we are civilised should not mean that these recent governments should be able to break promises and tell lies as they have been doing.

There ought to be a way that the people can call an immediate referendum and vote for a fresh election when certain criteria are meet. So perhaps when a government break election commitments without valid reason they should run the risk of being thrown out of office as a result of that breach of trust.

We have seen many recent conflicts around the world because the peoples lack of faith and respect for their government.  The recent examples of Australian government are by no means as bad as those in Syria, Israel, Egypt etc etc, but the Australian Government is far from perfect and we deserve much much better than this.

Like many others, l will watch the budget on television tonight and see how many broken promises and lies l can count…… I hope l do not count any….. but somehow l have a feeling there is going to be quite a few!


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