Run For Parliament

Have you ever considered running for parliament ?

I have !

I first considered it early in 2013 and was seriously thinking of running in the federal election.

I was tempted to run because l am a typical “Every Day Aussie” who knows how us “REAL PEOPLE” live and l know enough about what is wrong with our state and our country to be able to make a valuable contribution which will benefit us typical Aussies.

The only reason l did not run was because l was not organised and prepared enough, therefore l  would likely fall well short of the votes l would need to become elected.

Well Victoria is scheduled to go to the polls this year and at this stage the election is likely to take place in late November 2014. While there is not a lot of time…….. l think there is enough time, but to make it work l need to find as many people as possible who want to join me.

Perhaps you would like to throw your hat in the ring and try to win a seat for your electorate, or perhaps you would like to discuss what is important to you and enable us to take your information on-board and perhaps run with these ideas as part of our election platform.

It is not impossible to win a seat in parliament…. Actually it is very achievable with the social media networks we have these days….. I personally believe that if you have the right agenda and are able to get your message “OUT THERE” it is quite likely that many people will throw their vote your way and with a little luck, there may be enough votes to get across the line and start the job of fixing our state.

I did read that 3 x Independents who won their federal seats each spent more than $100,000 on their federal election campaigns. So while l am at a huge disadvantage (and many others will be to) We should not let the lack of funds prevent us from having a fair dinkum crack at it………. Let’s not sit  around and let these “Big Boys” (Labor, Liberals, Nationals, Greens, Etc) dominate the next election, we can throw our hat in the ring and if we do a lot of hard work we can be successful.

I firmly believe that people will vote for someone with the right agenda, but we first must get that agenda properly established and then go about informing the general public of who we are and what we stand for.

Generally speaking, a lot of everyday Australian’s are sick and tired of politics and politicians and many people believe that all politicians are the same……… We would need to do our best to convince people that we are not the same, plus we would need to get our message across in a clear, precise and informative manner.

While the economical side of Government is highly important, there are many other areas which are also extremely important and many of these can be rectified by people like you and me who really do know how the “real world operates”

If you are sick and tired of professional politicians who simply spin their way into government, perhaps it is time to either become a true representative for your electorate and your state, by becoming a candidate for government or alternatively consider other options when the next state (or federal) election comes round and vote accordingly.

I am seriously considering creating a new political party which will be focused on the “Typical, Everyday, Real Australians” As such l would be very happy to hear from anyone (with the right motives) who might like to join forces and become a member (when the time comes)

We would do more to give people more control of their own lives and do more to ensure that each and every one of us is given a fair go as well as aim to improve the day to day lives of us all.

Just a few of the issues l am very passionate about, in no particular order include the following,

Euthanasia – Give terminally ill people more control of their lives and their personal preferences.

Traffic Fines – Reduce the monetary penalty for traffic infringements and create alternatives to educate people and deter people from breaching road laws

Fishing Licenses – Get rid of them, allow people to enjoy the outdoors without the need to pay for a fishing license that stands for nothing, other than an obstacle for fun recreational activities.

Get Tough On Serious crimes – It is time we take a stand against serious crime and ensure that the penalty is sufficient “Punishment & Deterrent” Murderers should never be released, Rapists should not roam our streets after a few short years behind bars, Serious Drug traffickers need to be put away for much longer…… and the list goes on. But basically a “Great Barrister” should not be able to turn a 20 year jail term into a 5 or 6 year term…… Particular crimes need heavier penalties and judges/magistrates need better guidance on what is an appropriate sentence and what is not acceptable.

Sex Offenders Register – If you commit a sex crime you have violated someone else and as such you do not deserve the right of anonymity when you are released from prison. A register must be established to assist us in protecting our children and ourselves.

Credit Reporting Agencies – When a credit reporting agency lists a black mark against your name they should be required to inform you in writing of the details of the matter so that you have the option of objecting to that listing in order to prevent a false or incorrect report being lodged against you.

City Link Toll Ways – 3 x days to pay the toll is not adequate. People must be afforded a minimum of 7 x days to pay the toll fees. When a person fails to pay the toll on time a reminder must be sent with minimal extra charges added.

Stamp Duty (taxes) – Governments do need to raise funds in order to “Pay The Bills” but l believe that stamp duty on the purchase of your fist home or primary home is a negative tax. For example, when people are trying to get out of the rent trap, the stamp duties on a home purchase can add another 12 or 24 months of savings before one can get away from renting and in to their very first home as an owner. Further, stamp duties can restrict people who might be living in a home which is more than an hour from where they may be working. Considering that one must pay real estate agents fees to sell their home and then be slugged stamp duties on the purchase of the next home, it makes the whole idea of selling up to buy a home closer to work (or possibly closer to family) a very costly exercise which ultimately deters, restricts and/or prevents people from actually proceeding with such a move/purchase.

New Housing Developments – When a developer wished to proceed with developing a suburban area of land greater than a specified size, or create more than a specified number of new allotments. Greater consideration must be given to the residents who currently reside in that region. We can not keep building hundreds of new homes in suburban areas which are all ready struggling with traffic jams and other issues that arise from higher density housing. Incentives and deterrents need to be created to encourage developers to consider areas which the community would greatly benefit from further development.

Hospitals, Doctors & Pharmacists – We need more medical clinics across the state (and across the country) Government should fund the construction of clinics which have doctors and a chemist under the same roof. The clinic should be supplied with X-Ray & Ultrasound equipment and we need to give the pharmacists across the state the power, authority and  ability to prescribe/dispense medications to people who might present themselves at a chemist with an obvious illness or injury. This will reduce the need for people who currently need to make an appointment with a doctor in order to get a prescription.

Gambling – Once upon a time Victorians would have to travel to Albury/Wodonga or Echuca/Moama to play the pokies, but these days we have poker machine venues almost everywhere. This needs to stop, we have to put a halt to further gambling venues and we need to put tighter restrictions on the current venues, including to look at the hours of operation as well as the percentage of turnover which is returned (as supposed winnings) to those who choose to play the pokies.

Government Earnings – Government currently do not “Make” much money, instead Governments currently tax, charge and “Collect” money. We need to look at ways which government can create or help to create new industry which provides government with a return on that investment. For example, currently we Australians rely on Google for internet searching/browsing and we rely on Ebay for buying and/or selling a lot of common items. Many of these global companies are currently in the spot light for profit shifting and hence paying little or no tax in the country that they might operate……. So yes Victoria and Australia is missing out on tax dollars, but we are also missing out as most of the profits are taken out of the country. So lets create our own and keep more money in the pockets of us locals.

Homelessness – Their are many wonderful charities who do a lot of great work to help people who are less fortunate. These charities have their financial limitations. Lets partner up with some of these charity organisations and fund the building of rooms for the homeless. Lets build venues which provide a number of rooms for accommodation of the homeless, but also under the same roof line, lets build a shop for the Salvo’s (or others) to operate their op shops and also lets build a 24 hour police station to serve the local community but also to help ensure these sites for the homeless do not become problem areas.

Outstanding Fines – People who have accumulated a number of traffic type infringement fines and who are not able to pay need to be given greater understanding and assistance. Fine totals should be reduced, payment plans should be much more flexible and other options should be readily open and available to allow people to deal with their fines, without the need for unnecessary stress, worry or further financial hardship.

Many more to be added to this list in the coming weeks and months….. If you have something you would like to change, fix, create, stop or what ever, please feel free to post your comment.


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