Car Enthusiasts – A vote for PUP is a vote for yourself

I just wanted to share a Press Release with our readers to promote the fact that Hans Paas (Palmer United Candidate) is a true car enthusiast who has similar interests to those who enjoy their hot rods and classic cars. Hans Paas has terrific credentials to represent all of Victoria very well and shall do an excellent job should he be successful in his bid for Northern Victoria Region at next weeks state election.

Press Release is copied/pasted directly below

PUP Candidate makes bid for Motor Enthusiast Vote.

“Northern Victoria Region Palmer United Party candidate Hans Paas says that as a member of the Legislative Council he will also be a representative for motor enthusiasts.”

“The ‘old car movement’ has an important social role to play that should be encouraged and supported by government. The introduction of the revised red plate scheme has led to hundreds, if not thousands of historic vehicles being dragged out of sheds and put back on the road.”

“I bought my first classic car, a Humber, in 1975 and have had at least one classic in the garage ever since. I currently have three such vehicles with two on red plates and am a member of three historic vehicle clubs.”

“Though I am a little biased, I concede that other recreational vehicles have their place too- commercial vehicles, trucks, caravans and of course hot rods. Castlemaine, where I live is recognised as the Hot Rod Capital of Australia.”

“Just as motor enthusiasts have a Senator in Ricky Muir, I will be seeking to represent the Victorians who restore and maintain historic and speciality vehicles as a leisure-time pursuit along with my other responsibilities as a Palmer United parliamentarian.”

“By voting 1 Palmer United in the Legislative Council Victorian motor enthusiasts will have a voice in their Parliament,” Mr Paas concluded.

For more information: Hans Paas 0419349269

Northern Victoria

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