Prime Minister shows us the way – NOT!


In 2010 we had Juliar Gillard famously tell Australia that there would be No Carbon Tax under the Government she leads. Then in 2013 we had Tony Abbott tell Australia there would be no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no cuts to the ABC or SBS, and no changes to pensions.

Well most of Australia has come to realise that both Juliar Gillard & Tony Abbott told us some pretty big fibs….. well actually let’s be honest and call them “LIES”

What l find interesting is the fact that these statements/promises were made to the Australian public (us voters) during election campaigns. That is to say “when the job was up for grabs” both Juliar Gillard & Tony Abbott took the opportunity to tell Australians what they most likely wanted to hear. Thereby causing most Australians to believe those statements and ultimately influence our vote.

Our vote is what gave Julliar Gillard the top job in 2010 and our vote gave Tony Abbott the position in 2013.

If the position of Prime Minister can be won by making statements that are not followed through, then perhaps it is acceptable for the rest of us to do as our Prime Ministers (recently) seem to do.

Perhaps falsify your resume, make yourself look much more worthy and valuable by adding a few falsehoods. Tell your potential Employer anything that you think might help you win that job….. it dosn’t matter if you tell a few lies…. The unfair dismissal laws will help you keep that job once you have landed it.

Ok l am not being serious in the previous paragraph, but the point l am trying to make is “WHY” is it acceptable for anyone in public office, especially the top job of Prime Minister to tell the voters (the employers) such blatant lies?

I know many people are either Labor or Liberal through and through, but no matter what your political preference, surely we can not accept Juliar Gillard and now Tony Abbott breaking “MAJOR” election campaign promises and in doing so becoming Liars.

As some of you might have noticed l am proudly supporting the Palmer United Party in Victoria’s State Election. One of the reasons l am a PUP supporter is because l am sick and tired of the major political parties doing and saying what they like, with little regard for anyone or anything……..and zero regard for truth and honesty.

I hope my fellow Victorians will join me and others in voting PUP 1 for the Legislative Council. If the Palmer United Party can win enough seats in the Legislative Council they will be able to do the same as they have been doing in Canberra. PUP will ensure the Government is Fair, Balanced and Accountable.


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