Ebola – Do More Australia

Well by now most of us would have heard about the Ebola Virus. Considering there are news stories everyday about the spread of Ebola and more so the stories of people traveling to countries outside of West Africa and being treated for or having been diagnosed with Ebola, the two recently diagnosed Texas nurses are a prime example.

Last time l heard, Ebola had claimed the lives of more than 4000 people (most of which being in West Africa) But if the virus continues to spread the number of deaths resulting from Ebola with multiply exponentially and may become a serious health concern for Australians.

I do understand the Australian Governments stance on not wanting “To Send” Australians into an area with potential high risk without having a satisfactory evacuation plan. We are some 30 odd hours by plane from Australia to West Africa and apparently that flight is too long and other countries have not yet agreed to provide the Australian Government with a guarantee that they would evacuate any Australians who may become infected.

The way l see it, we are limited or at least “Restricted” in what help and assistance we can provide, But we must provide much more money to help those who are in a better position to physically assist in West Africa with medical treatment facilities and services and we must also take greater precautions to quarantine anyone who is a possible Ebola risk to Australia.

Ebola is a tragedy currently unfolding in West Africa and we simply must do more to help those people who can not help themselves and at the same time we must do more to minimise the risk of Ebola coming to Australia. The 18 Million dollars currently provided by the Australian Government is terribly inadequate and is actually an insignificant sum of money in the scheme of things.

C’mon Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and fellow ministers, take the Ebola risk much more seriously and do more to help those in West Africa and in doing so help protect Australia against the possibility of Ebola coming here!

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