Dont let the media fool you

Back pageLike many Australians, l do watch a reasonable amount of television and read a few newspapers. I can not help but notice that it seems there is a strong bias against Clive Palmer – Palmer United Party.

I do not understand why the media is seemingly so biased as l struggle to find any factual and worthwhile reason for this to be the case….. other than the likelihood of Rupert Murdoch being “anti” Clive Palmer and therefore anti Palmer United Party.

There are some in the community who do not like Clive simply because he is a very wealthy individual……. but then again so to is Rupert Murdoch and if/when you are negative towards Clive Palmer and/or the Palmer United Party you are in fact supporting the objective of Rupert Murdoch.

Much of the media is owned or controlled by Rupert Murdoch and l guess that is probably the reason for most media outlets being negative or overly critical of Clive Palmer and the PUP…….. some people may be too afraid of losing their jobs and it is far easier to simply do what the boss wants you to do.

Well as voters we do not have to worry about Rupert Murdoch (or anyone else for that matter) sacking us. We have the right to vote for whom ever we feel best deserves our vote.  Depending on ones situation, upbringing, personal circumstances and many other factors it may well be that some voters are either Labor or Liberal through and through….. or Green for that matter.

When you cast your vote at the upcoming Victorian State Election you are free to do as you please, but l hope you are able to make a decision for yourself without being overly influenced by biased media coverage.

If (like me) you vote for PUP in the legislative council you will be voting for a common sense “gate keeper” as the Palmer United Party is aiming to hold the balance of power in the Legislative Council to ensure that who ever wins the election has to negotiate legislation through the Palmer United Party.

Ohh and keep in mind that it is only the PUP on a federal level who has restricted Tony Abbott and the LNP from destroying the lives of many Australians with many of the cuts and broken promises being blocked as a direct result of the Palmer United Party and their stance on “Decency, Integrity and Common Sense”

Authorised by Peter Charleton 1927 Melba Highway Dixons Creek 3775

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